Kirk Burgoyne

Kirk Burgoyne

Kirk has been playing the drums since the age of ten and was in his first rock band at sixteen.  His first gig was at a National Guard Armory in Springfield, OH in a band called Scapegoat. 

Things got better with progressively better bands and better venues including playing in a band called Ram Express while with the USAF in Izmir, Turkey. 

After returning to the states Kirk continued his gigging in a great Albuquerque, NM cover band called Class Axe playing numerous gigs around the University of New Mexico and throughout the state.  He then relocated to Cincinnati, OH where he had to reluctantly shelve his gigging days because of his work schedule. 

The gigging bug came back with a vengeance a few years ago and Kirk was lucky enough to find some other like minded musicians and Disorderly Conduct was born. 


John Bonham, Neil Peart, Joey Kramer, Steve Smith, Tommy Lee